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Create face animation with voice acting from text and photos

By using neural network technologies and artificial intelligence, NeuraLoom gives users the opportunity to create video presentations, video for online courses, and short films without any need in professional knowledge or expensive equipment to do so.

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What is NeuraLoom?

About NeuraLoomthe future has come

NeuraLoom could quickly and cost-efficiently complete the task of video creation with Picture-in-Picture and making voice acting from the text.

You may render any kind of virtual avatar, or digitize your face from photo without installing of any software. Compose video or picture backgrounds with timing of a speech.
Upload final video to YouTube and share via socials with friends or colleagues.

* All platforms will be available soon

Where you can use it?

Examples of usage

Example of pitch deck for startups

NeuraLoom presents a quick and cost-effective way of voicing over startup pitch decks. Understanding can be improved up to 80% by using the NeuraLoom voiceover solution. With voiceover, users can enhance presentation and tell a story that is above and beyond what is written. Let your presentation speak for itself and help to increase the attractiveness of your business.

The Team N

Anton NikonorovCEO & Co-founder

Serial IT entrepreneur for the last 5 years. Anton is a true evangelist of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Since 2015, when he left Sberbank Russia and started a private business he managed and implemented projects from VR up till blockchain. A few years ago he decided to focus on AI/ML and founded laboratory of an artificial intelligence in the USA.

* Picture generated by neural network

Serhii HryhorashGlobal Strategist & Co-founder

After starting his first business in 1998, Serhii went from being the head of Internet service provider to the owner and CEO of the first Ukraine SaaS credit history bureau. Until 2014, he provided risk scoring to 4 out of 5 borrowers in Ukraine—a real one-man army!

* Picture generated by neural network

Vladimir KudrinChief Product Officer & Co-founder

Business-analyst all of his life. Developed product-line for corporations like Sberbank Russia and MTS Bank Russia. Has more than five successful private businesses. Vladimir, is a big fun of the systematic methodological approach to solving business problems.

* Picture generated by neural network

Dr. Sergiy MalyshkoChief Technical Officer

Sergiy is a real scientist, who was able to transfer the principles of scientific activity into business and successfully implement large IT projects as CTO. The author of more than 30 scientific and 50 popular scientific publications in the field of combinatorial optimization, object placement problems, construction of software decision support systems and information analytical ecosystems.

* Picture generated by neural network

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