AI-powered solution for Enterprise and Institutions to generate real-life, synthetic Digital Employees for video content and chat-bots with neural networks
Looks smooth and perform better
Digital employees
Next Enterprise trend to create Omnichannel Customer Satisfaction by using AI generated brand representatives and establish trusted emotional connection between the AI generated Digital Employees and a human being.
Generated in minutes and can be edited at any time whether you need to change speech, text or appearance.
To voiceover one video on 20 languages, you do not need 20 actors anymore.
for 3 minutes of processed video
For example, now your lecturer can speak any mother-tongue and create close connection with the audience.
Usage examples
digital employees
Personalized customer experience
Increasing customer engagement through delivering customized user experience with your product is the next normal.
NeuraLoom is a Company with high number of PhD’s and Data Scientists, primarily focused to the development of Enterprise Software Solutions in the field of AI and ML.
More specifically, the creation and implementation of neural network cascades for solving various tasks in the field of multimedia data processing, image recognition, and the construction of animated characters and avatars.
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